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JR TOKAI TOURS, INC. is a subsidiary company of JR Central (JR Tokai, in Japanese), which operates the Tokaido Shinkansen Line (Tokyo~Nagoya~Kyoto~Shin-Osaka), and deals with various travel packages mainly utilizing the Tokaido Shinkansen.

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Features of "Shinkansen Travel Packages"

  • Make a reservation of Shinkansen and hotels/activities/coupons seamlessly! With a package price♪

    You can smoothly make a travel reservation in one sequence and with a package price, without the hassle of searching for the Shinkansen tickets and activities as well as hotels separately!

  • Change Shinkansen trains easily and as many times as you like, without any additional fees!

    To accommodate your schedule change, you can change Shinkansen trains any number of times within the same day, before picking up your ticket (before entering the automatic ticket gate, when using an IC card or QR ticket), and before your reserved train's departure time!

    ※Depending on the package, there may be cases where train changes are not allowed or where some restrictions exist on the range of train changes that can be made.

  • Choose from a wide variety of hotels and attractive activities along the Tokaido Shinkansen line!

    We offer a diverse lineup of hotels and attractive activities to meet your various needs.

  • Dynamic pricing packages.

    These are dynamic pricing travel packages, which means that the price may change at any time depending on the date and time of the reservation.

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Features of "Shinkansen One-Way Trip (Platt-KODAMA)"

  • Great value Shinkansen package using Kodama!

    Platt-KODAMA offers you a smart travel choice for your budget between major stations on the Tokaido Shinkansen Line, and even includes 1 drink e-voucher♪

    ※1 drink e-voucher can be used at designated station kiosks at Tokaido Shinkansen stations.

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  • Green Cars are also available!

    You can make a reservation of not only Ordinary Cars but also Green Cars, so enjoy a comfortable trip on a Green Car with a great deal!

    ※Valid only for reserved seats on reserved trains (non-reserved seats are not available for use). 

    ※You cannot get on or off the train midway.

  • Simple one-way package you can use flexibly!

    You can flexibly utilize this one-way package in a variety of patterns, such as only one-way use or round-trip use, depending on your travel itinerary.

  • Available for online purchase until a day before the boarding date!

    You can purchase tickets online from 10:00a.m. JST one month before (same day of the previous month) to 11:30p.m. a day before the bording date!

    ※Reservations cannot be changed (excl. seat changes).

What is "Kodama"?

Kodama is a type of Shinkansen, which stops at every station between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka, including Shizuoka, Nagoya, Kyoto and so on.Enjoy a little slower Shinkansen trip on Kodama with stunning scenery from the train windows!

【Examples of time required for Kodama】

  • Tokyo⇔Nagoya: about 2h40min
  • Tokyo⇔Kyoto: about 3h40min
  • Tokyo⇔Shin-Osaka: about 4h

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