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Flex Shinkansen round trip ticket HAKONE-area Flex Shinkansen round trip ticket HAKONE-area

Travel duration1-7days

Departure on2019.5.7 9.24

Bullet Train & Adventure of Your Choice!

Why Flex?

  • POINT1

    Shinkansen round-trip
    ticket is included!

  • POINT2

    Special deals
    are included!

  • POINT3

    Ticket is available on
    your departure date!


This package includes Shinkansen round-trip ticket and special deals ! Basically, it does not include meals. You can travel with great deal on your departure date by showing your passport. Since the minimum number of participants is 1, this package is good for anyone like solo, couples, groups, etc. You can choose how many days you want to stay at a destination (1-7 days) so that your trip would be more fun and flexible.
*A licensed tour guide will not accompany.



Travel fee

Travel fee includes taxes and service fee.

From Tokyo Sta./
Shinagawa Sta.
Nagoya Sta. Kyoto Sta. Shin-Osaka Sta.
Adult 6,300yen 5,800yen 14,000yen 18,500yen 19,000yen
6 to 11 years old
3,300yen 3,100yen 7,000yen 9,000yen 9,500yen

ツアーNo. 首都圏発:L01801 名古屋・関西発:L01802 M 本C-210 方面335

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