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Where to buy

FLEX series offers a convenient package so that you can buy and travel on the same day!
Bring your passport and visit JR TOKAI TOURS.
*Passports are limited to the one issued in a country other than Japan.

5 Steps

Tokaido Shinkansen Map

Coming from
Narita/Haneda Airport

  1. Tokyo branch (in JR Tokyo Sta.)
  2. Shinagawa branch (in JR Shinagawa Sta.)
  3. Shin-Yokohama branch (in JR Shin-Yokohama Sta.)

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Coming from
Chubu Centrair Airport

  1. Nagoya branch (in JR Nagoya Sta.)
  2. Nagoya Sta. Hirokoji exit branch (in JR Nagoya Sta.)
  3. JR Gate Tower branch (15th floor of JR Gate Tower in Nagoya Sta.)

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How to Reserve from Overseas

*Round-trip tickets are available from Tokyo or Shinagawa Station only.
*Various currencies accepted.