Terms and Conditions for Travel Service

Section of the Travel Consultation Contract

Article 1 - Scope of Application
  1. Contracts for Travel Consultation concluded between JR Tokai Tours, Inc. and travelers (henceforth "Agent-organized Tours Contract") shall be in accordance with these General Conditions. Matters not stipulated in these General Conditions shall be in accordance with laws and ordinances and generally established customs.
  2. Any special contract concluded by JR Tokai Tours, Inc. without violating laws and ordinances and without causing disadvantage to travelers shall take precedence notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph.
Article 2 - Definition of Travel Consultation Contract
  1. In these provisions, "Travel Consultation Contract" refers to the contract by which JR Tokai Tours, Inc. engages in the following duties on behalf of the traveler in exchange for receipt of a travel duty handling fee for consulting provided by JR Tokai Tours, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as, "consulting fee").
    1. I. Offering advice to the traveler required for creating travel plans.
    2. II. Creation of travel plans
    3. III. Estimating required travel expenses
    4. IV. Providing information on the travel destination, and travel/lodging facilities.
    5. V. Providing other advice and information required for travel.
Article 3 - Contract Completion
  1. Travelers wishing to execute a Travel Consultation Contract with JR Tokai Tours, Inc. must fill out the application form specified by JR Tokai Tours, Inc. and submit it to JR Tokai Tours, Inc.
  2. The Travel Consultation Contract shall be completed when JR Tokai Tours, Inc. approves the contract's completion and receives the application stated in preceding paragraph.
  3. Regardless of the stipulations of the preceding two clauses, JR Tokai Tours, Inc. may receive application for the Travel Consultation Contract via telephone, posting, facsimile, internet or other means of communication without receiving submission of application. In this instance, the Travel Consultation Contract will be deemed to have been executed when JR Tokai Tours, Inc. approves completion of the Contract.
  4. JR Tokai Tours, Inc. may refuse concluding a Travel Consultation Contract if:
    1. I. The traveler's consultation violates public order and morals, or risks violating laws and ordinances enforced at the travel destination.
    2. II. The traveler is found to be a member, an associate member or related party of an organized crime group, a company related to an organized crime group, a corporate racketeer or another antisocial force.
    3. III. The traveler makes violent or illicit requests towards JR Tokai Tours, Inc., or engages in threatening speech or behavior in relation to transactions, acts employing violence or equivalent acts.
    4. IV. The traveler engages in acts that damage JR Tokai Tours, Inc.'s credit or hinder JR Tokai Tours, Inc.'s business, or in equivalent acts by spreading false information or employing fraudulent means or force.
    5. V. JR Tokai Tours, Inc. has other business reasons.
Article 4 - Consultation Fee
  1. The traveler must pay a consultation fee specified by JR Tokai Tours, Inc. by the deadline stipulated by JR Tokai Tours, Inc. if JR Tokai Tours, Inc. engages in the duties put forth in Article 2.
Article 5 - Contract Cancellation
  1. JR Tokai Tours, Inc. may cancel a Travel Consultation Contract if it finds that the traveler falls under any of items II. to IV. of Article 3, paragraph 4.
Article 6 - JR Tokai Tours, Inc. liability
  1. When, in the course of Travel Consultation Contract, JR Tokai Tours, Inc. causes damage to traveler through intent or gross negligence, JR Tokai Tours, Inc. shall be liable to provide compensation for said damages.
  2. JR Tokai Tours, Inc. does not guarantee that it will be possible to actually arrange travel or lodging in the travel/lodging facilities noted in the travel plan created by JR Tokai Tours, Inc. Therefore, JR Tokai Tours, Inc. shall not be liable if it is not possible to execute a contract with travel/lodging facilities for travel/lodging services offered by the aforementioned facilities due to reasons such as full occupancy.

As of April 1, 2020