Personal Information Protection Policy


Personal Information Protection Policy

JR Tokai Tours, Inc. always thinks and acts from the perspective of the customer and does its best to be selected by the customer from among all the companies in the global travel market. At the same time, as a part of the JR Tokai Group, we engage in business activities fairly and with compliance (with law) in order to gain the trust of the customer and society and meet your expectations.
Based on this corporate philosophy, we have implemented the following in order to protect the personal information of the customer and everyone related to JR Tokai Tours, Inc. as we engage in all of our endeavors.

  1. We have constructed personal information protection management systems that comply with JIS Q 15001 by which all directors and employees abide.
  2. We comply with all laws related to the protection of personal information, as well as the guidelines of the government and related agencies, social norms, and public order and standards of decency.
  3. The acquisition, use, and provision of personal information are conducted in accordance with procedures stipulated by the aforementioned personal information protection management systems. Such information is acquired through lawful and fair means within the scope needed for business and is only used in provided within the scope of purpose.
  4. Reasonable preventive and corrective measures have been constructed both organizationally and technically to mitigate risks associated with the internal handling of personal information, such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation or leak, etc.
  5. Personal information protection management systems are inspected through periodic confirmation of operating status and the implementation of objective audits, in effort to continually make improvements.
  6. A personal information consultation and support center has been established within the company in order to handle inquiries and opinions concerning personal information.
  • Enacted April 1, 2005
    Revised April 1, 2010
    Kazuya Sato, President/CEO
    JR Tokai Tours, Inc.
  • Enacted April 1, 2005
    Revised April 1, 2010
    Kazuya Sato, President/CEO
    JR Tokai Tours, Inc.

For inquiries regarding this personal information protection policy, please contact:

1-5-8 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
JR Tokai Tours, Inc. Customer Support Center
TEL: 03-3274-9785 (hours of operation: 10:00 - 18:00*)
* Excluding Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, Compensatory holidays and the Year end and New year holidays.

Handling personal information

JR Tokai Tours, Inc. handles and protects the personal information of customers and all parties related to JR Tokai Tours, Inc. in the following manner based on laws related to the protection of personal information and JR Tokai Tours, Inc.'s "personal information protection policy".

1.Personal information protection manager

JR Tokai Tours, Inc. has Personal information protection managers stationed in each branch and each internal department.
The overall supervisor of personal information protection at JR Tokai Tours, Inc. is the G eneral Manager of the General Affairs Department.
Inquiries about personal information protection should be directed to the customer support center (mentioned in paragraph 11).

2.Purpose of use of personal information

  1. JR Tokai Tours and our travel business contractors (agencies) shall use personal information, described in application forms, etc. submitted when applying for a travel plan, not only for communicating with the customer, but also for arranging services offered by transport / accommodation establishments, etc. for the travel plan the customer has applied for, and, within the scope required for the customer to receive such services, arranging insurance to cover our company's travel contract responsibilities and costs incurred at the time of an accident, as well as ensuring the convenience of the customer during shopping at souvenir shops at the travel destinations.
    In addition, JR Tokai Tours, Inc. may use a customer's personal information in order to:
    1. I. Inform the customer about corporate products, services, and promotional campaigns by JR Tokai Tours, Inc. and its affiliates.
    2. II. Request opinions or comments from the customer after participation in a travel to tour.
    3. III. Request that the customer fill out a questionnaire
    4. IV. Provide privileged services
    5. V. Create statistical documents.
  2. JR Tokai Tours, Inc. is provided with the personal information of "50+ (Fifty Plus)" members from the "50+ (Fifty Plus)" office of JR Central (JR Central Railway Company) for use when members apply to participate in travel tours.

3.Provision of personal information to third parties

  1. JR Tokai Tours, Inc. shall provide the customer's name, address, telephone number and e-mail address by electronic means to transportation/lodging facilities, agents, and insurance companies, etc., in the process of arranging services to be provided by transportation/lodging facilities during the trip for which the customer has applied.
  2. JR Tokai Tours may provide customer's personal information we hold to souvenir shops for the purpose of ensuring the convenience of the customer's shopping at the travel destinations. In such case, the customer's name, flight numbers and other associated personal information shall be forwarded in electronic means. At the time when a customer applies for a travel plan, we shall attain the customer's consent about this type of provision of personal information.
  3. JR Tokai Tours, Inc. shall not provide a customer's personal information to a third party without advanced consent by the customer with the exception of cases where it is necessary in order to protect human life, bodily, or asset damage based on law, or if it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer.

4.Consignment of personal information

If JR Tokai Tours, Inc. consigns the handling of personal information the selected consignee shall sufficiently fulfill standards of protection for personal information and shall be supervised appropriately and as necessary.

5.Joint use of personal information

JR Tokai Tours, Inc. shall appropriately manage the personal information it has acquired and shall not share such information with affiliates except for receiving the personal information of "50+ (Fifty Plus)" members from JR Central.

6.Provision of personal information

Personal information shall be provided to JR Tokai Tours, Inc. at the discretion of the party providing information. However, it may be impossible to provide appropriate services or engage in required duties if required personal information is not provided.

7.Methods of acquiring personal information

JR Tokai Tours, Inc. appropriately acquires personal information using methods that can be easily verified such as through the submission of documents (including applications from online websites and e-mail).
(Cookies may be used on JR Tokai Tours, Inc. websites in order to provide better service however information that enables individuals to be identified and will not be acquired. Cookies enable information to be stored on the computers of parties visiting the websites of JR Tokai Tours, Inc., for example, they are used to automatically retrieve search conditions without the need for reentry in a case that the same search conditions are used to search for travel products. Receive all of these cookies can be refused by changing the settings on your browser. However, some services may not be able to be used if cookies are refused.)
(JR Tokai Tours, Inc. may post online advertisements on other websites through Yahoo Japan Corporation and other third parties. In conjunction with this, said third party may acquire and use the cookie information of users visiting JR Tokai Tours, Inc.'s website. The cookie information acquired by said third party shall be handled in accordance with said third party's privacy policy. Note that users may prevent said third party from using cookie information to send advertisements by accessing the opt-out page available on said third party's website.

8.Stipulations concerning personal information to be disclosed

  1. The purpose of use of disclosed personal information shall be the same purpose of use of personal information mentioned in 2. above.
  2. Please refer to 9.-12. Below for details on the disclosure of disclosed personal information, notification of the purpose of use, correction, addition, or deletion of details, termination of use, deletion,
    and termination of provision to third parties (hereinafter referred to as, "disclosure, etc."), and the filing of complaints.

9.Disclosure of personal information

JR Tokai Tours, Inc. shall respond as follows to requests from the customer or agents of the customer to disclose personal information.

  1. Methods for requesting disclosure
    1. please enclose the following documents and send them via postal mail to the inquiries center mentioned in 11. below.
    2. a. "Personal information Disclosure Request Form" specified by JR Tokai Tours, Inc.
      (This form can be picked up at branch customer support centers or downloaded here)
    3. b. Resident card (created within the last three months and stating the same address to which a reply is to be sent)
    4. c. One of the following documents:
      A copy of driver's license, copy of passport, physical disability certificate, a copy of alien registration card, a copy of health insurance certificate, a copy of pension certificate, original copy or of family register or abstract of family register (created within the last three months), original copy of certificate of registered seal (created within the last three months) with the customer's seal applied to the blank space.
    5. d. Self-addressed stamped envelope for reply (write your address and apply a 500JPY stamp). *The address on the self-addressed stamped envelope must be the same as that noted on the resident card.
    6. e. In cases where another party is applying on your behalf:
      In addition to the documents mentioned above, the documents mentioned in b and c for the agent and letter of power of attorney or a document proving that the agent has been granted the authority to request disclosure.
  2. Reply
    A reply will be sent by postal mail. Please be aware that it may be unable to disclose information for such reasons as incomplete documentation, failure to complete request forms, or the inability to identify the data that the customer is requesting (a letter of reply will be sent in these cases as well).

The strict procedures mentioned above have been implemented by JR Tokai Tours, Inc. so as to confirm without fail that the important personal information in its possession is disclosed to its owner and to prevent leaks of such information. We earnestly ask for your cooperation with these procedures.
Furthermore, the personal information stated on personal information disclosure request forms, and copies of resident cards, driver's licenses, etc., shall only be used to disclose the information requested by the customer or within the scope needed to delete such information. Furthermore, the documents submitted shall not be returned. Personal information disclosure request forms, and copies of resident cards, driver's licenses, etc., shall be destroyed after one month after receipt by JR Tokai Tours, Inc..

10."Change/Correction" of personal information, "Deletion" and "Termination of the provision (sending) of travel information, etc."

JR Tokai Tours, Inc. shall handle requests for "Change/Correction" of personal information, "Deletion" and "Termination of the provision (sending) of travel information, etc." in the following manner based on the Personal information Protection Law.

  1. Reception Desk
    • - Submit requests to the travel consultation desk (store counter) of the branch at which you apply. Processing will take place within the hours of operation of the travel consultation desk. If you purchase travel package products at another branch, please state the name of branch at the time of application.
    • - Parties using the "Platto Travel Call Center" may call by telephone.
      "Platto Travel Call Center" TEL: 03-6860-0588 (10:00 - 18:00, everyday excluding Year end and New year holidays)
    • - Requests cannot be submitted to other branches due to the inability to confirm the customer's identity.
  2. Processing method
    You will need to present your driver's license or passport in order to confirm your identity.
    Please inquire with the personal information protection manager at the Platto Travel Call Center or branch office if you have any questions.
    Personal information cannot be deleted prior to departure or if you have future reservations.

11.Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information should be directed to:

2nd Floor, Sanei Bldg, 1-5-8 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031
JR Tokai Tours, Inc. Customer Support Center
TEL: 03-3274-9785 (10:00 - 18:00, Excluding Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, Compensatory holidays, and Year end and New year holidays)

*Inquiries will not be accepted at any desk other than that mentioned above (please directly contact your branch office for inquiries regarding products)

*please direct inquiries concerning the handling of "50+" member information to the JR Central "50+" Office.
(JR Central "50+" Office: TEL: 03-3275-8350/ 10:00 - 12:00/13:00 - 18:00, excluding Sundays, Holidays, and Year end and New year holidays)

12.Inquiries from "certified personal information protection organizations" affiliated with JR Tokai Tours, Inc. and complaints

JR Tokai Tours, Inc. is a member of the following certified personal information protection organizations.
Customer complaints regarding the handling of information by JR Tokai Tours, Inc. that cannot be resolved between the customer and JR Tokai Tours, Inc. should be directed to the following organizations.

Personal information Protection Complaint Consultation Desk, Privacy Mark Promotion Center
12th Floor, Roppongi First Building, 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku Tokyo, 106-0032 JAPAN
Phone: 03-5860-7565/0120-700-779