1. How to apply

Can I apply from anywhere?

Only persons having a contact address and contact number within Japan can apply.

How can I make a reservation?

Please refer here.

From when can I apply?

You can apply after 11:00 on the day one month prior to the day of your return journey (day of boarding the Shinkansen for the return trip) (The period when you can apply is shown in the calendar for application).

Up to when can I apply?

You can apply up to 15:00 on the day prior to your date of departure.

* You need to complete the procedure up to STEP 6 (Conclusion) by 15:00.

Are there any fixed timings for applying?

Reservation can be made between 5:30 to 23:30 (You can search & browse package options 24 hours a day).

* However, the time periods when reservations can be made on the application start date and the application end date are as follows.

<Application start date> Reservations may be made from11:00 onwards on the day one month prior to the day of your return journey (day of boarding the Shinkansen for the return trip) regardless of whether it is your day of departure.

<Application end date> Till 15:00 on the day prior to your date of departure * You need to complete the procedure up to STEP 6 (Conclusion) by 15:00.

When will the contract be concluded?

Please enter the required items on the application screen. The travel contract is considered to have concluded when the Contract Conclusion Screen is displayed on the web page in STEP 6.

Can I apply via phone?

Only applications made from the website shall be accepted. Applications are not accepted via phone or through the branch offices of JR Tokai Tours.

Can a minor participate in the tour all by himself/herself?

At least one adult is required to apply for the tour. Please apply together with an applicant representative of at least 20 years of age.

2. Package Details

Is there an option for child fares?

It is mentioned in ( ) in the travel charges column. Note that, occasionally, there is no child fare option for certain packages.

Is there an option for infant fares?

There is no option for infant fares. If a seat is required for an infant in the Shinkansen, child fare shall be applicable.

Can breakfast be added to a package that does not include breakfast?

Unfortunately, that cannot be done. Please directly request the hotel where you will be staying for breakfast and make the payments directly at the hotel as well.

What are the valid areas for the JR boarding ticket (Shinkansen e-boarding ticket)?

The JR boarding ticket (Shinkansen e-boarding ticket) can be used only for the stations displayed on the ticket. If zones that are not covered by the JR boarding ticket (Shinkansen e-boarding ticket) are to be used, please purchase the boarding tickets beforehand for those zones.

If boarding tickets for the zones other than those covered by the JR boarding ticket have been purchased beforehand, the Shinkansen transfer ticket gates can be used as well besides the predetermined JR Tokai Shinkansen exclusive ticket gates. In that case, please insert the other boarding tickets purchased separately beforehand along with the JR boarding ticket (Shinkansen e-boarding ticket) into the Shinkansen automatic ticket checker.

Can I specify my preferred seats in the Shinkansen?

You can specify your preference for seats from amongst the (Standard car A-E & Green car A-D) seats. Please choose while at STEP 2 (Package Selection). However, due to a limited number of seats, please note that you may not get your preferred seat.

Can I stop-over or make changes to tickets in the middle of the journey?

Since these are special fares & charges for Agent-organized Tours, you may not stop-over or make changes to tickets unless a station for stop-overs has been specified on the tickets. To change your passenger tickets, you will need to cancel and book again on our home page. In such cases, you will be charged the prescribed cancellation fee. And, all customers who have applied for the tour will have the same journey.

Is it possible to choose non-smoking rooms at accommodation facilities?

You will be guaranteed a non-smoking room if you book a plan specifying "non-smoking" in the accommodation facility information or plan name. If "non-smoking" is not indicated but you still wish to have a non-smoking room, please contact the accommodation facilities directly. Note that in such cases you may not be guaranteed a non-smoking room.

Can I board or get off the train at the Tokyo Station even if the departure and arrival station on the JR boarding ticket (Shinkansen e-boarding ticket) is the Shinagawa Station?

The JR boarding ticket (Shinkansen e-boarding ticket) by "Shinkansen Tour Direct" can be used for boarding or getting off at the Tokyo Station or the Shinagawa Station. However, it will be subject to manual ticket checking.

3. Payments

What are the payment methods?

The payment can be done only by using a credit card. The cards which can be used are as follows.


Can I avail the JR Tokai stockholder's discount ticket or credit card discount?

No, these cannot be availed.

How can I get a receipt?

Please call the "The Shinkansen Tour-Direct Desk" or request a receipt via e-mail(st-direct@jrtours.co.jp).

Please mention your "address / (company) name", "amount" and "conditional clauses ("Travel charges", "Traveling cost (travel expenses)" or "Shinkansen charges+ lodging charges" etc.)" at the time of request. Receipts can be handed over together with your JR boarding ticket at the ticket collection branch office.

4. Changes, cancellations or discontinuation of journey

From when will the cancellation fees be charged?

The following cancellation fees will be charged against the travel charges.

- 100% in case of cancellations done after the start of journey or absence without prior notification

- 50% for cancellations done on the day of the journey prior to the start of the journey

- 40% for cancellations done one day prior to the day of start of journey

- 30% for cancellations done on and after the 7th day retroactively from the day prior to the day of starting the journey - up to the day before the day prior to the day of starting the journey

- 20% for cancellations done from the 20th day retroactively from the day prior to the day of starting the journey till the 8th day retroactively from the day prior to the day of starting the journey

No charges for cancellation done on or before the 21st day retroactively from the day prior to the day of starting the journey.

What is the method of cancellation?

Cancellations are accepted 24 hours via the "Your booking / Cancellation" on the website. Also, cancellations are accepted via phone at the "The Shinkansen Tour-Direct Desk" during business hours (10:00 to 18:00).

Will there be any refund if the Shinkansen is running late or service is stopped due to typhoons or accidents?

[Before start of journey]

Refunds prior to start of the journey shall differ depending on the status of the typhoon or accident. For details, please inquire at the "The Shinkansen Tour-Direct Desk"

[After start of journey]

If JR Tokai has decided to give a refund such as when the service of the train you are on board or the train you were scheduled to board is stopped OR the train is running late by 2 or more hours at the arrival station, an amount equivalent to the special emergency charges fixed by our company will be refunded. After obtaining an attestation from the station on the JR Tokai ticket (Shinkansen e-boarding ticket), please inform the [The Shinkansen Tour-Direct Desk] and then send the ticket back within one month. Since the refund cannot be made if the JR boarding ticket (Shinkansen e-boarding ticket) does not reach the "The Shinkansen Tour-Direct Desk" , please take back the JR boarding ticket (Shinkansen e-boarding ticket) by using the manual ticket gate without fail.

Where can I get the refund?

Please visit the "The Shinkansen Tour-Direct Desk".

The refund amount after subtracting the fixed cancellation fees will be credited to the credit card that was used at the time of purchase (the date of settlement will vary depending on the credit card company).

[If you have already collected the JR boarding ticket (Shinkansen e-boarding ticket)]

Please send back the unused JR boarding ticket (Shinkansen e-boarding ticket) along with the return trip ticket to the "The Shinkansen Tour-Direct Desk" (at the Travel Mail Order Center). (Refunds cannot be made at branch offices.) Please send it back within one month from the date of departure by any mail having a delivery record service such as "Registered post" or by "Home delivery service", etc. (the mailing charges shall be borne by the customer).

* Our company shall not bear responsibility if the coupon tickets sent via "ordinary mail" or "mail service" do not reach due to a failure on the part of the postal services. Please note that we are not able to send cash by registered mail.

How do I make changes to the departure date or the number of persons traveling?

Please e-mail or call the "The Shinkansen Tour-Direct Desk" . If changes are to be made to the departure date or number of persons or if the journey is to be changed partially such as the transportation, lodging facility at the customer's request, it will result in cancellation of the entire journey, and a fixed cancellation fee will be charged. Please apply again with updated information. In case of some of the packages, if the accompanying person cancels, and a person remains all by himself, if the travel conditions are not met, it results in the automatic cancellation of all the members and therefore cancellation fees will be charged for all the members of the party taking the tour. If you have any queries, please contact the "The Shinkansen Tour-Direct Desk" .

5. Collecting JR Boarding Tickets and seats on the Shinkansen

How many minutes before my departure should I visit the branch office in order to collect the JR boarding ticket?

If collecting tickets on the day of travel, please collect them at least 30 minutes prior to your departure. Please come to the branch office with sufficient time in hand. Tickets may be collected before your date of departure as well.

What should be done if I get delayed for collecting the JR boarding ticket due to traffic issues, etc.?

You may board one of the subsequent Shinkansen trains on the same day as your specified boarding date, and make use of only unreserved seats of a standard car. In this case, the difference cannot be refunded. Note that, if the collection of the JR boarding ticket is going to be delayed by one hour or more after the departure time, please contact the concerned collection branch office or the "The Shinkansen Tour-Direct Desk".

In case there is no word from you, the reservation may get canceled. Please take note of it. (100% of travel charges shall be charged as cancellation fees in case of cancellations done after the start of journey or absence without prior notification).

How do I collect the JR boarding ticket from the branch office of JR Tokai Tours?

Please present the print-out of the "Itinerary e-mail" containing the JR Boarding Ticket Receipt No. (16 digits + 4 digits) that is sent to your registered PC E-mail address. You may collect the boarding ticket by showing the screen display of the "Journey Details" which is sent to your mobile phone's E-mail address as well.

What are the timings for collecting the boarding tickets from the collection branch offices of JR Tokai Tours?

Tokyo branch 8:00 -19:00 (All days)

Shinagawa Branch 8:30-19:00 (Everyday)    8:30-18:00 (Weekends/Holidays)

Shin-Yokohama Branch 8:45-19:00 (Everyday)    8:45-18:00 (Weekends/Holidays)

Nagoya Branch 9:00-19:00 (Everyday)    9:00-18:00(Weekend/Holidays)

Hirokojiguchi Branch 9:00-19:00 (Everyday)    9:00-18:00 (Weekends/Holidays)

Kyoto Branch 1st floor 8:30-19:00(Everyday)

Kyoto Branch 2nd floor 10:00-18:00(Everyday)    10:00-17:00(Weekends/Holidays)

Shin-Osaka Branch 8:30-19:00 (Everyday)

Are there any items that cannot be brought onto the Shinkansen or that are charged?

They are as follows:

▼Prohibited items

Hazardous materials, sharp objects*1, furnaces / stoves, animals*2, deceased biological material, unclean objects, objects that emit offensive odors, items that may hurt other customers, and objects that may damage the train are not allowed on board.

*1: Sharp objects packed as to not hurt other customers are allowed. Applicable sharp objects and their packing methods are described in "Guideline for packing sharp objects to be brought on board trains" (Dec. 2018 Railway Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism [MILT]). Please see MILT's website for more details.

*2: Small quantities of small birds, small insects, newborn chicks, and marine life stored in cases are allowed.

About hazardous items

・Hazardous items include flammable liquids, high pressure gases, flammable solids, gun powder, volatile poisons, and agrochemicals.

・Concerning some hazardous objects - There are some items that can be brought on board after restrictions are applied to packing methods and quantity. However, flammable items like gasoline, kerosene, and diesel cannot be brought on board regardless of the amount.

・Flammable liquids, high pressure gases, and flammable solids that can be purchased normally at shops (alcohol, cosmetics, medicines, hair spray etc.) can be brought aboard if they are limited to two liters or within two kilograms including the weight of the container and are under two kilograms. Care must be taken that the contents of these items do not leak.

▼Luggage permissible on board

Two carry-on items that each have a total length, width, and height within 250 centimeters (length up to two meters) and are within 30 kilograms in weight are allowed on board. (items that remain on-hand such as umbrellas, canes, and purses are not counted towards the two-item limit)

▼Uncharged items

・Items that can be carried such as travel bags, suitcases, sporting goods (surfboards are to be placed in surfboard travel bags), musical instruments, entertainment items, and toys. *: Even if sporting goods, musical instruments, or entertainment items exceed the limit for length, items that can be stood upright inside the carriage and held on to are allowed on board (must be placed in their dedicated cases or bags).

・Bicycles used for cycling and sports tournaments are disassembled and placed in bike travel bags. Folding bicycles are folded and placed in bike travel bags.

・Assistance dogs that aid disabled individuals such as seeing eye dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs. However, these are limited to entries specified by law.

・Wheelchairs with a length and height within 120 centimeters and a width within 70 centimeters

▼Charged items

Small dogs, cats, birds, or similar small animals (excludes wild animals, snakes, etc.)

・Inserted into a case within 70 centimeters of length, and a total length, width, and height of 90 centimeters

・Weight of case and animal combined is within 10 kilograms

Personal belongings are charged 290 yen each. A personal belongings ticket is purchased after showing your luggage at the ticket gate of the station for departure.

For customers bringing pets

・Pet cases exceeding limits (length within 70 centimeters, total length, width, and height of 90 centimeters, combined weight of pet and case within 10 kilograms) are not allowed on board even if the pet is not in the case.

・Small animals (pets) must not be released from their cases while in the train or station.

・The entire body of the pet must be put into the case. Carrying the pet in your arms or placing it in a bag is not allowed.

・Items with an unfixed shape like cloth (such as a dog sling) cannot be used even if the entire animal fits inside.

・For cases with wheels or handles used for pushing such as pet carts and buggies, the wheels and handles must be within the size restrictions for pet cases in order to be allowed on board as a charged personnel belonging.

(Standard pet carts and buggies are not allowed on board as their whole size exceeds the limits)

In addition, a case with wheels and handles can be brought on board if the case itself is within the size limits after the handles and wheels are removed and the removed parts are within the limits of uncharged personal belongings. However, even in this condition, the case can be refused to be allowed on board if it is decided that the parts protruding from the case poses a danger to other passengers.

Special notes

・Individuals are responsible for bringing aboard and storing their own personal items

・Special care must be taken when handling large luggage.

・Heavy or unstable luggage must not be placed on the racks in the train.

・The station reserves the right to refuse luggage when it causes an inconvenience to other passengers or when the train is crowded.

Is there a station map?

Please refer the JR Tokai website.

Are there any precautions to be taken at the entry & exit points of the Shinkansen stations?

Only specific gates will allow access to the Shinkansen. Please click here.


How do I find out the time required when transferring to conventional lines?

Please refer the JR Tokai website.

Can I check the operation status for the day?

Please refer the JR Tokai website.

I am unable to find the location of the branch office for collecting the JR boarding ticket.

Guide of Receipt Branches

How do I collect the coupon tickets, etc.?

The "Itinerary e-mail" containing the finalized details regarding the travel schedule, transport period, lodging period, etc. is emailed to your registered PC E-mail address. Please collect your JR boarding ticket on your day of departure from the JR Tokai Tours collection branch office that has been specified at the time of your reservation. Please note, there are no coupon tickets for the lodging facilities. Please mention your name at the front desk when you check-in.

Are the calls made to the "The Shinkansen Tour-Direct Desk" chargeable?

Yes, the calls are chargeable. Also, depending on when you call, your call might not get through due to congestion. In such cases, the call will get connected through an automated phone system sequentially, but the call will be charged from the point of time when the automated phone system starts. You may either wait for your turn or try again later.

6. Complaints

Is there any office for attending to complaints after the journey?

Please contact the "The Shinkansen Tour-Direct Desk".

Whom should I contact if there is any problem during the journey?

In case of any problems regarding the details concerning your lodging destination, transport facility etc. or regarding the services, please contact the concerned transport or lodging agencies directly at that time. (Even if you contact our company at a later date, we might not be able to deal with the issue.)

Also, in case of any problem with the concerned facilities or transport agencies regarding the travel conditions (such as type of guest room), please contact them directly and report the same to our "The Shinkansen Tour-Direct Desk" as well.

7. Other

After the journey, will I receive direct mail?

No, you won't.

How is personal information handled?

Personal information will be used to contact the lodging destinations and in insurance procedures included in the the Agent-organized Tours while arranging the travel package. The information will not be used for purposes other than the concerned journey without the approval of the customer.

Whom should I contact for any questions about the personal information?

The disclosure of personal information of the customer (with respect to the specific person in question) obtained by our company is handled by our Customer Service Office. For details, please refer to the Personal Information Protection Policy.

8. About this Website

I am concerned about security while using the application form.

The application form on our website is transmitted using SSL encryption.

* "SSL" encrypts data and safely transmits private information or credit card number.

The website is not displayed properly.

-For browsing from a PC

The recommended environment is Windows7 SP1 or higher, macOS X 10.11 or higher , and the browser is Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge 20 or higher , Google Chrome 52 or higher , Safari 10 or higher , Firefox 48 or higher. If you use other OS or browser, it may not be displayed properly. If any other OS and browsers are used, the website might not be displayed properly.

-For browsing from a smart phone,

Android5.1/iOS10 or higher and the browser provided for each smart phone is recommended.

* A part of the layout might not be correctly displayed due to the terminal and the communication environment.

Some portion of the hotel images are not displayed.

The latest FLASH PLAYER is required for the TOP screen/Domestic travel screen. Please download the FLASH PLAYER from the search site or the provider page.

9. Other

Will points be added to my JR Tokai Tours membership card?

You will not earn any points for this tour.