Features of this website

The entire process from searching for travel packages to reservations and payments can be completed on this website.

As the seat availability in the required trains and availability of rooms in the hotels are displayed in real time, you can make reservations quickly and easily.

Reservations can be made up to 22:00 on the day prior to your day of departure. Get a good deal on last minute reservations as well.

Reserved tickets can only be picked up from specific ticket vending machines near Tokaido Shinkansen ticket gates at your departure stations.
The tickets can also be picked up from the ticket counters at JR Tokai Tours branch office in your Shinkansen departure stations.
*The tickets cannot be picked up at JR Tickets office.
*The tickets are only available during bussiness hours at JR Tokai Tours branch office.

The documents required for your travel will be delivered to you by e-mail.

Reservation can be made between 5:30 to 23:30 (You can search & browse travel packages 24 hours a day).

* However, the timings for reservation on the application start date and application end date are as follows.

<Application start date> Reservations may be made from 11:00 onwards on the day one month prior to the day of your return journey (day of boarding the Shinkansen for the return trip) regardless of whether it is your day of departure.

<Application end date> Till 22:00 on the day prior to your date of departure  * However, you need to complete the procedure up to STEP 6 (Conclusion) by 22:00.